Arcade Action for your iOS Device This Game was made by BitundBecker Class of 1982 Nick loves Tini Snowboard! Trouble in Diamond Creek- now available for iOS
One Touch Gameplay
Touch the screen anywhere to boost your jump power and release right on time to perform giant airs. land on rails and obstacles to grind until your board glows.
Ride Or Die
Discover challenging trails. You are a die hard rider so a little bail won't kill you. But if you see the avalanche warning, it's ride or die! Don't look back into the sun and go as big as you can to gain lead.
The Basement Store
On Diamond Creeks tracks you will find plenty of diamonds as you could tell. Collect them to buy useful items or unlock new Riders in the Basement Boardstore. You will also find some totally useless but really slick outifts. Standing out is the name of the game!
Avalanche Dog Flappy
Keep looking for rescue coins to tip Flappy the Avalanche Dog for digging you out. Or just cop some in the basement boardstore. With every coin you get closer to a new highscore!
Objectives And Ranks
The first step is always the hardest so you start at low status. Clear objectives to level up from Nobody to Pro. The higher your rank the bigger your trick bonus. Repetition is the father of learning, Nikki-San!!
Additional Riders
Every rider has a signature move. Unlock new riders to gain even more Bonus Time with neckbreaking stunts.
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© Bit und Becker 2012
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